Sent Files

In order to check the personal uploaded files and their access history, user can get to the “Sent Files” Tab. All files are arranged by upload date.


By clicking on a file, details are displayed.

Access supervision

This functionality provides an overview about the access history of every personal uploaded file. Select a file from the uploads list to display. Click on “Get logs”.


Up to 100 lines of access logs can be displayed.


Each download leads to a counter incrementation. Then, if the download counter and the log lines doesn’t match, user may have to reload the page.

About IP address and client ID in access log

When a file is downloaded by some client behind a proxy or a firewall, the same IP address may be recorded even if several different clients accessed the file. “Client ID” is a unique ID (based on cookies) assigned to each client to allow user to distinguish each attempt even if the IP addresses are the same.

Close files

Uploaded files will expire automatically after 7 days from the upload date. Then, these files can no longer be downloaded. User can manually expire any file by pressing “Disable” button.