Send Files


Files sending is available within “Send” menu where user can upload files. Up to 5 files may be uploaded, by clicking on “Add more files”. Upload time depends on the network speed. If the upload fails, user is expected to reduce the number of files, or their total size.

About password policy

  • Automatic password generation:

    12-digit password will be randomly generated, and will be required to access the download URL

  • Manual password input:

    This option requires user to type a password which will be required for the URL access.

  • No password:

    Without password, anyone who accesses the URL can download the files.

Expiration date of file download URL

Uploaded files will be automatically expired after 7 days from the upload time (This may vary regarding organization settings). Expired files can no longer be downloaded. A file can not be downloaded more than 100 times (This setting may depend on the user’s organization). When the download counter reaches the limit, a notice is displayed.


The sending service allows user to leave a private comment about every uploaded document.

Upload complete


After the upload end, a similar message is displayed, containing the download URL, its password and the expiry date.

For users with Google Workspace account

User may press “Compose Message” button so that an e-mail composing window appears or copy the message to send it from elsewhere.

For users with Microsoft 365 account

User may copy the message to clipboard and then paste it into the mail client to send it.


Although the whole text is copied to the clipboard in the screen, we recommend sending the download password in a separate message in order to reduce the risk of eavesdropping.

Notification of file download


The above download details are expected to be forwarded by the user to his partner via e-mail.