Request Files

This functionality consists in requesting and receiving files from a user who does not belong to the organization. The user will be provided with an URL to upload the requested files.

File-requesting URL


User have to specify user’s name (as a “Requester”) and add a message, then press “Next”.


A similar message is generated, containing the upload URL and its expiry date.

For users with Google Workspace account

User may press “Compose Message” button so that an e-mail composing window appears or copy the message to send it from elsewhere.

For users with Microsoft 365 account

User may copy the message to clipboard and then paste it into the mail client to send it.

Notification of upload request


the above upload details are expected to be forwarded by the user to his guest via e-mail

Guest’s file uploading window


When accessing the file-requesting URL, the above window will show up. User can upload up to 5 files.