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The hotel/resort is equipped with a comprehensive fire and life safety system, which includes an automatic fire detection and alarm system, fire protection system, facilitated together with emergency response procedures.
The automatic fire detection and alarm system consists of addressable smoke detectors and monitoring devices installed in guestrooms and throughout the hotel, and which are connected to the main fire alarm panel in the Fire Command Centre. Staff at the Fire Command Centre will respond immediately to the activation of any device.
The fire protection system includes automatic sprinklers, fire hydrants and hose reels installed throughout the hotel. These systems are approved by the Fire Department and regularly tested by the hotel’s fire and life safety manager based on an approved program.
The hotel/resort has an established, comprehensive emergency response plan, which includes the emergency response team (ERT) and emergency management procedures. The ERT, led by the duty manager and supported by the hotel’s security and engineering staff, is on standby 24 hours daily. All ERT members are fully trained in fire- fighting procedures, first aid and incident handling. Fire drills are conducted frequently based on an approved program. In addition, the hotel conducts a full evacuation drill for all hotel staff twice yearly.
The hotel has its own well-trained and experienced security team, which maintains a close relationship with the local emergency services. These officers are backed by a manned security control room with 24-hour CCTV coverage of the hotel and a comprehensive alarm and access control system.
All security personnel across the Shangri-La group operate on a standard set of response options covering a wide range of critical and emergency situations.

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