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About NAM token sale participation method
-Where can I purchase tokens?
It is a dashboard of NAM ICO.

How long will the token sale be implemented?
-Japan time at 24:00 (15:00 am Coordinated Universal Time) on January 28, 2018 (“launch date”), Japan time at 24:00 on March 28, 2018 (“completion date”) 14:00 ( Coordinated Universal Time 05: 00 am).

Can I purchase even a corporation?
-It is also available for corporate purchase. NAM ID is required to purchase NAM token. Please read NAM Token Sale Terms of Use carefully.

I do not have Japanese nationality, can I join ICO?
-Basically it is possible to participate.

About Affiliate Program
-When can you receive the reward distributed by the user’s introduction?
Please check NAM Token Affiliate Terms of Service that will guide you separately.

Does affiliate reward vary depending on the number of people invited?
-Currently there is no difference due to the number of invited people. Please check NAM Affiliate Terms of Service.

What are the features and benefits of NAM token?
-For the features and benefits of NAM tokens, please see the white paper.

About ETH remittance
-“Contract address can not be sent” is displayed and remittance is impossible.
You can solve it by remitting ETH from a wallet with a secret key (password), such as “MyEtherWallet”.
(Remittance from the wallet of the virtual currency exchange to the contract address may not be able to send remittance)

Please tell me how to open the “My Ether Wallet” wallet.
-Although it is standard to use MyEtherWallet by logging in to the official site, we recommend downloading it to a local folder to further enhance security.

Official site:

Enter the password to use for “Enter a password” and click “Create New Wallet”.
Click “Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON)” and save the file.
After the download is completed, click “I understand. Continue.”
Save the Private Key with copy & paste. (It is also possible to print from Print Paper Wallet.)
Click “Save Yyour Address.”

Please tell me how to remit money from “My Ether Wallet” to token sale.
-Click “Send Ether / Token”.
“Which way will you operate your wallet? Select “Keystore file”.
Click “Select your wallet file” and select the file starting from “UTC” downloaded when opening the wallet.
In the password field, enter the password set for Wallet, then press “Unlock”.
Enter the contract address that is the payment destination of the token sale in “Destination address”. (Please be careful not to mistake the address to enter.)
Enter the remittance quantity in “Delivery quantity”.
“Gas limit” is automatically optimized for the value, basically it is unnecessary to operate. (The gas limit is the fee at the time of remittance, the less probably the probability of failed remittance will be higher.)
When you click “Generate transaction”, a confirmation screen will be displayed.
Please confirm that there is no mistake in the destination address and click “Transmit Transaction”.
A detailed manual is prepared separately on the dashboard, so please check.

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