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Project Member

June 2007: San Jose, California, Hyde Medium
Graduate school

September 2007: Cupertino, California
Enrolled in Monta Vista High School

March 2011: Keio High School Graduate

March 2017: Graduated from Keio University School of Medicine

2014: Keio University School of Medicine Sakaguchi Research Grant Award

2015: Adopted as a scholarship student at Hida Medical Scholarship Foundation, former professor of Tokyo University founder Dr. Shida

2015: Student at NIPS 2015 Workshop on Machine Learning sponsored by Google Deep Mind
Award winning

2015: Adopted as a scholarship at Pigeon Scholarship Foundation Inc.

2016: Keio University School of Medicine Sakaguchi Research Grant Award

2016: Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture Adopted for Medical Student Scholarship

2016: Jurisdiction of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry IPA Japan Information Processing Promotion Agency As a creator of unexplored business
NAM Project 20

2017: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Jurisdiction IPA Information-technology Promotion Agency adopted as untrogressed advanced project
(Then decline)

On the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Financial Institution
In charge of corporate sales

Management of FinTech related software development company
(Integrated with NAM later)

Weibo Japan Chairman

Began Game production with Perl since 8 years old, from then he start to act vigorously as a Engineer.

From the time of studying at Tokyo University of Science,
Act as freelance, and conduct business software and application development.

After that, after the entrepreneurial venture founded, Cruise Corporation subsidiary CTO,
In the field of state-of-the-art Finetec and Medical Tech, he wants to change the world and joins the project.
He is also interested in finance and marketing, and as an ideal is an engineer with the skills of business planning without staying at engineers. M & A Senior Expert

Graduated from private Komaba Toho High School

Heisei 1990 Graduated from Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Letters, The University of Tokyo

1993 Graduated from the University of Tokyo graduate humanities department philosophy Department of Philosophy (Master)

Heisei 10 years passed the bar exam

Heisei 12 years Judicial practice end (53rd term)
I joined Tochigi Law Firm (Tokyo Bar Association affiliation)

Participated in Tochigi / Yanagisawa Law Firm
Transition to Tochigi, Yanagisawa, Higuchi law firm in Heisei 28

Graduated from Keio University School of Medicine

Learn network engineering at Hoosen University, a prestigious university in Ho Chi Minh City.
He advanced to Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Highest Education University of Vietnam, studied software engineering, and acquired high abilities and knowledge as a software engineer.

Since then, I got a job at System Exe, a Nikkei corporation, but I am currently conducting research into computer science at Ho Chi Minh Institute of Technology seeking further knowledge.

He can handle tens of kinds of programming languages besides major programming languages such as PHP.C # .Java, and knowledge amount as a software engineer is the world top class.

I studied computer science for four years at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, which is said to be the highest peak of a national university in Vietnam, and graduated with a top class record (GPA 7.42 / 10).

With the recommendation of the professor of the same university, he graduated to graduate school and conducted further research on computer science, gave a paper called "Construction of AI strategy game", received high evaluation from outside Vietnam, grades of the principal class (GPA 8 15/10) and holds the title of Master of Computer Science.

After that, I got a job at VTC DIGICOM, a Vietnamese state-owned enterprise, and succeeded in various projects by making good use of high knowledge amount.

After studying machine learning and deep learning at Ho Chi Minh Information Technology University, Vietnam National University, he graduated with the top class results (GPA 7.35 / 10), then worked as an AI engineer in EMAGE VISION PTE in Singapore and research and development of SoftBank's pepper robot I worked as a member of the team.

After that, he was researching and developing as a member of the outsourcing team of the world famous German Robert Bosch Company, and acquired high skills on AI technology and computer science.

After graduating from prestigious Saigontech University of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, I studied computer science for 2 years after I studied at Auckland University of Technology in England.

He has been working on the Window platform for over 9 years since he was in college and has worked on the Window platform, and in the NETSShopping project he developed more than 200 million products and developed a high-speed search engine that meets customer's needs I did maintenance.

In addition, in global system development projects such as capgemini and Amaris, we collaborate with teams of dozens of countries and contribute greatly to the globalization of IT.

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