Privacy Poricy

This privacy policy sets out how FlaTalk uses and protects any information that you give when you use our apps, website, and any services.Information from the users is assumed to be available in Japan and other running the country. When you use any our services,you will be to agree to this Privacy Policy.

Acquisition and use of information

We were measured for usage of this service, will continue to improve the service based on it.

For information to be collected at the time of registration

When you register to "FlaTalk", you must have entered for the limited information, such as name, face icon, age and sex.

Log data

Our server automatically record information of the use. Exchange such as click our web site or application, the ad also I shall be included.

Use of third-party services within the service

We takes advantage of a variety of services of other companies to provide our services. For example, we are using a Google Analytics in order to grasp the actions of users. These services may collect information such as the IP address of the information.

Sharing and disclosure of information

Personal information of users, will not be published except in limited circumstances, such as those described herein.

Law and harms

To comply with laws and regulations or legal requirements, to protect everyone's safety, to cope with illegal use and security or technical problems, and to protect our rights and property,We may retain or disclose the user's information.

Business Transfer

Bankruptcy, mergers, acquisitions, re-configuration of the company. if such assets sale has occurred to us, the information about the users is sold or transferred as part of that transaction. That it was assured in this Privacy Policy, will also be applied to a case in which information about the user is transferred to the new organization.

Information which is not private or personal

We may share or disclose the information about the user, which was and aggregations that are not in the private and personal non-statistical information in applications to third parties such as advertising and marketing.

Change of personal information

When users to join our service, we provide a function that they can access and change the personal information that you provide to us. Users are able to delete the account of FlaTalk. When an account is deleted user information will be removed promptly from on our server. However, the user is not possible to erase the information which send to another user in the service.

Changes to this policy

We may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. if the changes will be serious, we will inform you. Even after the revision of the policy came into effect, if the user continued to use the access or service, we consider that the user has agreed to the latest version of the privacy policy.

This policy is effective from December 13, 2014


本プライバシーポリシーは、FlaTalk運営事務局(以下、当社)の提供するサービス FlaTalk(以下、本サービス)内での情報の収集、利用、および開示に関する方針と手続きを説明したものです。当社はユーザーからの情報を、当社のウェブサイト、アプリケーション、サービスなどを通じて受け取ります。









当社は、当社のサービスを提供するため他社の多様なサービスを利用しています。たとえば、当社のサービスの利用状況を把握するためにGoogle Analyticsなどを用いています。これらのサービスはユーザーがアプリケーションを利用する際にIPアドレスの情報などを収集することがあります。










ユーザーが当社のサービスに登録すると、当社は、ユーザーのアカウントに関連する形でユーザーが当社に提供した個人情報にアクセスしたり変更したりするためのツールを提供します。 ユーザーは、本サービスのアカウントを削除することができます。アカウントが削除されるとユーザーの情報は当社のサーバー上から速やかに削除されます。ただし、ユーザーが過去に情報を送信した別のユーザーのアプリ内の情報を消すことはできません。


当社は必要に応じて、このプライバシーポリシーを改定することがあります。 その際、プライバシーポリシーの最新版がユーザーの個人情報に関して適用されます。当社がポリシーを改定し、その改定が重大であるとみなされる場合には、お知らせします。 ポリシーの改定が発効した後も、当社サービスにアクセス、あるいはサービスを利用し続けた場合には、ユーザーが最新版のプライバシーポリシーに従うことに同意したとみなします。